Sixtie Minutes · Season 5



One year, one season. The final episode of season five will complete this phenomenal year of another jamin‘ Sixtie Minutes. No words needed: It’s just jack. And Jack had a groove! Thanks for tuning in and stay tuned for another fingerlincking mixes.

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First Aired on January 3rd, 2020

Sixtie Minutes Tracklist

  1. Wattie Green
    — Flip Mode
  2. Count Funkula
    — Corruption
  3. Joey Youngman
    — Submission
  4. Alek Soltirov
    — I Want You
  5. Mario Fabriani
    — Windy City Theme
  6. Cross Bronx Expressway
    — The One
  7. Bosco & Terell
    — Crush On You
  8. Rescue
    — Love Me Right
  9. Fred Everything ft. Tim Fuller
    — Stay (Doza’s Lcg West Dub)
  10. Yuga & RoyTson
    — Unz
  11. Alex Ander
    — Been a While
  12. White Collar Criminals
    — I’ve Said Enough
  13. John Diloo & Dimi Wilson
    — Oldskool Nightmare
  14. Bryan Jones & Hugh Cleal
    — Sweat Drop (2013 Remaster)


Sixtie Minutes founded by Deejay Davin Flux (DVNFLX), is a rollercoaster of cheesy music like Deep- and Jackinghouse. The first episode was aired in January 2012 on exclusive channels like iTunes and soundcloud. Sixtie Minutes is an amazing underground podcast radio show and will be include a fullminant hour of the freshest housetunes and classic oldskool kicks. Besides that in every single episode you can listen to a phenomenal track -The Classic Hit- from the late 90s. Mixed for you, every month!

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