Sixtie Minutes · Season 5



In episode six you can listen to some masterpieces of classic anthems like Todd Terry or R.i.P Productions. Spiced with good ol‘ Nu Disco Sounds from Lydia Scarfo and topped with Daniel Steinberg’s brand nu „Twilight“ bomb!

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First Aired on January 17th, 2019

Sixtie Minutes Tracklist

  1. R.i.P Productions
    — Mellow Works
  2. Sartorial
    — Know The Times
  3. Lydia Scarfo
    — Baby Talk (Original Mix)
  4. Fer Ferrari
    — Let s Do It Together (Guydee Vocal Remix)
  5. Daniel Steinberg
    — Twilight
  6. Luvless
    — Stretchin (Original Mix)
  7. Steve Taylor, Ozzy & Stix
    — How I Feel (Richard Earnshaw Mix)
  8. Sartorial & Moodena
    — Turn It Up
  9. Blank & Jones
    — Change My Mind (Pete Herbert Extended Remix)
  10. R.i.P Productions
    — Work It
  11. SAX
    — Jazz Anthem (Todd Terry Remix)
  12. Sweetooth
    — Midnight Kiss
  13. Doc Jam
    — I Feel It 2 (Original Mix)


Sixtie Minutes founded by Deejay Davin Flux (DVNFLX), is a rollercoaster of cheesy music like Deep- and Jackinghouse. The first episode was aired in January 2012 on exclusive channels like iTunes and soundcloud. Sixtie Minutes is an amazing underground podcast radio show and will be include a fullminant hour of the freshest housetunes and classic oldskool kicks. Besides that in every single episode you can listen to a phenomenal track -The Classic Hit- from the late 90s. Mixed for you, every month!

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